Sea-Land periodically organizes technical training seminars, by qualified teachers, for its own staff but also for customers, suppliers or anyone who wants to participate.

The seminars are held at Sea-Land, in a training room.




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The increase in energy and management costs makes it necessary to pay careful attention to the pump’s efficiency. Correct planning and careful plant management can lead to a significant cost reductions and a significant increase in plant reliability.

A meeting was held in Sea-Land In Sea-Land, which aimed to provide practical / operational bases for the use and choice of pumps.

Tutor: Ing. Nicola Tiozzo (@nicolatiozzo on Linkedin)

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The ability to make decisions with data support is considered one of the main skills for Digital Marketing professionals, and a fundamental opportunity for any business organization that wants to deal with Digital Transformation. Today through the network and thanks to new marketing techniques such as inbound marketing, Lead generation, Marketing automation, every company is able to open new markets and opportunities.
However, there is often a strong gap between the knowledge of concepts and tools and the real effectiveness of data used to deepen the analysis of customer behavior. Furthermore, the imminent arrival of the GDPR General Data Protection Regulation already approved on 24 May 2016, which will become effective in all European States from 25 May 2018, seems to want to place serious barriers
to corporate opportunities for the strategic use of data for commercial purposes.

Insights into the New GDPR Regulation that we have discuss:

  • Introduction to the new GDPR
  • What has changed
  • New business processes required
  • The new operational figure to be included in the company: the DPO Data Processor officer
  • What is a PIA Privacy Impact Assessment
  • How and when to apply
  • What impact will the legislation have on companies, professional firms and freelancers

Tutor: Andrea Alfieri (@GeomAlfieri on Linkedin)

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