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Sea-Land S.r.l. since 1990, is committed to study, realize, industrialize and produce electric pumps.

The Company is a truly “Made in Italy” manufacturing excellence: excellence is what Sea Land wants to reach in every phase of its production.

Through an experienced team of engineers and technicians, all products are manufactured with maximum care, fromthe design to the final tests before their shipment to clients. Advanced technical features and manufacturing process guarantee high performance and reliability of the pumps. Innovation, customer satisfaction and reliability are primary aspects of Sea-Land. 

Our company offers solutions for domestic and civil use and for irrigation and industrial plants, with pumps capacity ranging from 2m3/h to 1800m3/h.

Sea Land is recognized as a leading player in the industry, exporting its high quality pumps to more than 60 countries all over the world.



The Company is equipped with the latest manufacturing technologies, ensuring the highest standards in the quality of all its product lines. The care devoted to products extends through each stage of the production process, beginning with the crafting and assembling of their components, to the painting process and final testing before the pumps leave the factory. In Sea Land we pay attention not only to the reliability and efficiency of our products, but also to the aesthetics of the pumps, a detail that often is overshadowed but we are sure that it is appreciated by the market and that it distinguishes our products among those of our competitors.


Our technical department carries out meticulous checks with professional equipment regularly subjected to strict controls and calibrations. Quality is a philosophy that we decline in every phase of our work, and that’s why you can find it into every detail of our pumps: if our technology can guarantee us production flexibility, the ability of our technicians ensures an attention to detail worthy of craft work. In this way, Sea Land is able to check the final performance of all its products, matching the expectations of the most demanding customers.


As a matter of fact, Sea Land is well known for its strong customer oriented approach, providing a state-of-theart service even before any supply. The Company team of qualified engineers is able to study the best solutions fitting customer needs, thanks to a thorough technical design and planning of the systems providing water supply to buildings, offices, shopping centers, hospital and hotels.


The Company team is ready to provide any technical information, describe the products features and forward any request or need of potential counterparts. Ideal partners of Sea Land are involved in the ELECTROMECHANICAL, PLUMBING, WATER &WASTEWATER TREATMENT market with the following profiles: DISTRIBUTORS INSTALLERS, WHOLESALERS, RETAILERS and CONTRACTORS.

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