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technical specifications

With the utilisation of the TEAM EXPORT it is possible to achieve the right water reserve, maintaining the plant constantly under pressure and restricting the electrical pumps’ starting numbers. The automatic pressure systems series “TEAM EXPORT” are composed either of a centrifugal or a self-priming electrical pump, a painted steel horizontal tank with diaphragm suitable for drinking liquids (no alcohol), availability capacities: 20 l., 40 l., 60 l., 80 l., 100 l., 200 l., a pressure switch already adjusted, pressure gauge, flexible hose and 3 or 5 ways connection in stamped brass.

  •  Feeding: available in single-phase or three-phase at 50 or 60 Hz
  •  Maximum excess operating pressure: 10 bar
  •  Maximum water temperature: 35 °C for domestic use
  • (CEI EN 60335-2-41) or 60 °C for other use
  •  Maximum ambient temperature: 40 °C