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technical specifications

The submersible 4” motors with rewindable stator cooled by non-toxic oil suitable for foodstuffs uses approved by F.D.A. (Food and Drug Administration). They are manufactured following the classic standards, but with high-tech procedures and using only high quality materials. Thanks to the Continuous lubrication of all the parts in movement by the filled liquid, these motors are extremely reliable in time. It is particularly easy to rewind the stator.


Asynchronous submersible motor with protection IP58, two poles, class F insulation. Available in single-phase or threephase version with compulsory protection to be supplied by the user, the single-phase version (PSC) is supplied without capacitor.

Service: S1 (if completely submersed)
Max. 30 starts per hour.

  •  Flange at NEMA standards
  •  Shaft extension in stainless steel Aisi 303
  •  Outside shell in stainless steel Aisi 304
  •  Brackets in nickel coated cast iron
  •  Mechanical seal in graphite-ceramic with sand fighter labyrinth
  •  Quick cable coupling watertight connector
  •  1,5 m 4 wire feeding cable
  •  Max immersion 150 m.


  •  Control panel with thermal and dry running protection
  •  Coupled electric cable with desired length
  •  Electric cable Joint Kit