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technical specifications


  • Power supply 1phase 100-240Vac 50/60Hz (Mono-phase);
  • Power supply 3phase 100-240Vac 50/60Hz (Three-phase);
  • Input for 3 single-pole probes (COM-MIN-MAX);
  • Input G.A. normally open for alarm activation;
  • Push-buttons for selecting operation AUTOMATIC-0-MANUAL (temporary);
  • DIP-SWITCH selectors for:
    • enabling level alarm from probes;
    • thermal cut-out activation delay 5/10 seconds;
    • alarm output settings;
    • alarm reset enable from motor clicson;
    • filling/emptying mode;
    • enabling start/stop float function;
    • delay of electronic board activation on power mains return.
  • Green led: power ON / failure or incorrect phase sequence;
  • Red led: level alarm from probes or GA input;
  • Electronic control of max current due to overload, with assisted calibration;
  • Electronic control of minimum current due to dry run, with assisted calibration;
  • Automatic reset due to minimum current alarm;
  • Timer for delay of motor enabling on power mains return;
  • Protection of auxiliary circuits and motor with fuses;
  • Cumulative alarm output with voltage-free contacts (COM-NO-NC resistive load - 5A / 250V);
  • Cumulative alarm output, live (12Vcc / 100mA);
  • Door lock general disconnect switch;
  • Provision for run capacitors, single phase version (not included);
  • Box in ABS, IP55;
  • Ambient temperature: -5/+40 °C;
  • Relative humidity 50% at 40 °C (condensate free).
  • G/P1 normally open input;
  • T1 input for motor clicson;
  • Green led: automatic mode enabled;
  • Green led: motor active;
  • Red led: motor overload alarm/ minimum current alarm;
  • Red led: motor clicson activation alarm.